Sunday, June 29

"100 Year War" to Shift to Iran?

According to CNN, the Bush administration has launched a "significant escalation" of covert operations in Iran, sending U.S. commandos to spy on the country's nuclear facilities and undermine the Islamic republic's government. This from journalist Seymour Hersh.

Though White House, CIA and State Department officials are declining comment on Hersh's New Yorker report, history tells us it wise to listen to Hersh.

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney have rejected findings from U.S. intelligence agencies that Iran has halted a clandestine effort to build a nuclear bomb and "do not want to leave Iran in place with a nuclear program," Hersh said.

"They believe that their mission is to make sure that before they get out of office next year, either Iran is attacked or it stops its weapons program," Hersh said.

This positioning by the Bush administration upgrades US government terrorism to the "code red" levels. Hopefully the Iranians have stockpiled plenty of duct tape and plastic sheeting.

More from Hersh.

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