Monday, June 2

Cuba Caravan Coming

The Cuba Caravan will be coming to Iowa City
Sunday June 22
6:00 p.m. Meal, speaker, and aid collection (see list below)
Unitarian-Universalist Society (corner of Gilbert St. & Iowa Ave.)
Downtown Iowa City

Attenders are invited to bring any of the following items, to be delivered to the Cuban people by the Cuba Caravan, in an act of civil disobedience to the U.S. embargo of Cuba:
Box of crayons
Pens, pencils
Bars of soap
Toothbrush (must be in original packaging)
Prenatal or children's vitamins (MUST be sealed in original packaging, with expiration date after Feb 2009)

About the speaker, Caravaner Jim Bouman:

Jim Bouman is a 64 year old retired Juvenile Probation Officer who developed an interest in the Cuban Revolution as a high school student. He learned "passable pidgin Spanish" from two Marielisto Cubans he and his wife sponsored in 1980, who settled in his small city twenty miles west of Milwaukee.
Jim participated in the 2006 Cuba Caravan, driving a truck from the midwest to Texas, eleven stops, then joining the other branches of the Caravan in the U.S.-Mexican border crossing and eight day visit to Cuba.
Jim explains, "I immediately connect with the philosophy of Pastors for Peace Cuba Caravan: community organization, non-violent resistance to unjust laws, carefully undertaken civil disobedience, building people-to-people relationships, and sharing our
time and material goods with those who lead lives of considerable deprivation due to the unjust policies of the US Government vis a vis the Cuban people."

Old Brick
26 E. Market St.
Iowa City, IA 522445
(319) 354-1925

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