Tuesday, June 3

Invention Inviting Invention

The deceased designer of the patented Pringle's potato chip canister, Fredric J. Baur, opted to have part of his cremated remains (cremains?) buried in his own invention. This would be the equivalent of Thomas Edison being buried in a light bulb or Henry Ford in a Model T. Still, it is interesting to think of the application if "inventors" of all types were required to do this.

Imagine Robert Oppenheimer being readied for his final resting place in an atom bomb or Thomas Jefferson being buried in Louisiana (in honor of his invention, the Louisiana Purchase)? How about Rich Hall being buried in a Sniglet (an obscure reference for anyone who was born past 1980. A Sniglet is a made up word made famous by comedian Hall. For example, a hangle is a tangle of hangers often found on a closet floor)?

On a serious note, what if presidential libraries and/or burial places were in locations based on the invention of Presidents to put us in situations that we, perhaps shouldn't have been. The JFK and LBJ libraries would be in Vietnam. Ronald Reagan's library could be in either Panama or Grenada. Bill Clinton's library might be in Somalia. And, of course, George W. Bush's library would be in the Green Zone in Baghdad.

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