Friday, June 13

Iowa City Flooding Update

The City of Iowa City is strongly discouraging all non-essential travel. Motorists are encouraged to stay off all city streets and to walk/bicycle when possible. All City-sponsored events have been cancelled for this coming weekend, June 14-15. The only river crossings currently open are Benton Street, Burlington Street, and I-80. Benton Street and Burlington Street are expected to be closed within the next couple of days, resulting in the inability to travel between east and west Iowa City. Functions needing to operate in east Iowa City should prepare to be staged in east Iowa City; those functions needing to operate in west Iowa City should prepare to be staged in west Iowa City.

Effective immediately, from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily, volunteer sandbaggers in east Iowa City should report to the Volunteer Staging Location at Regina High School on Rochester Avenue. Volunteers will park at Regina and be transported by bus to locations where they are needed. Volunteers in west Iowa City should report to the volunteer staging location at the University Commuter Parking Lot on Hawkeye Park Road north of West High School and be transported by bus to locations where they are needed. Buses will leave on the hour.

Volunteers should not try to drive themselves to sandbagging locations and should not attempt to cross the river to reach one of the staging locations. Advisory to volunteers and to all residents of Iowa City: If you live in east Iowa City, stay in east Iowa City; if you live in west Iowa City, stay in west Iowa City.

Sight-seers and spectators should stay away from flooded areas.


Rocky Shore Drive; Park Road from Dubuque to Riverside Drive; Normandy, Eastmoor, Manor area; Taft Speedway; Foster Road (Idyllwild Drive/Peninsula); Dubuque Street from Park Road to Foster; Hawkins from Elliot to Highway 6; Highway 6 from Rocky Shore to 1st Avenue Coralville; Iowa Avenue from Madison to Riverside Drive; Stevens Drive and Waterfront; South Gilbert Street south to Sycamore; Commercial Court; Clinton Street from Benton to Kirkwood; Kirkwood from Clinton to Gilbert; Sturgis and Riverside Drive; Riverside Drive (Highway 6 to Benton); Orchard Street (Highway 1 to Benton); Highway 6 (Gilbert Street to Riverside Drive); Mormon Trek closed between Melrose and Highway 6, Coralville; Riverside Drive, North of Burlington Street.

Areas of Concern:
Riverside Drive from Benton to Burlington; Burlington Street Bridge at Front Street; E. Burlington St. and S. Van Buren Street; S. Gilbert and Benton at Ralston Creek

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