Thursday, June 12

A Letter from Dave Loebsack

Congressman Loebsack writes:

As our communities battle rising flood waters, I am working with emergency management, local leaders, and the Governor's office to ensure everything possible is being done to protect Iowa families, homes, and businesses. I also want to commend all of the selfless individuals who have been volunteering to help those affected by the floods.

If you and your family need assistance I want to encourage you to contact my office toll-free at 866-914-IOWA. Additionally, you can visit my website at to find information and phone numbers on where to find help and shelter should you need it. During this time I want to serve as a resource to the communities affected by the current flood.

I would also like to remind people to stay away from the flooded areas if you are not involved in active sandbagging efforts. Spectators impede work and present a safety hazard.

Thank you,
Rep. David Loebsack
Your Congressman

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