Wednesday, June 18

Recycling Resumes & Where to Take Your Sandbags

Municipal curbside recycling services in Iowa City will resume Thursday, June 19. No wet or flood-contaminated materials, sand bags or sheets of plastic from sandbagging will be accepted.

Disposal of Sandbags:
It is recommended that filled bags remain in place until the threat of additional flooding has passed. Once the bags are no longer needed, full sandbags (wet or dry) and associated plastic sheeting will be collected at two locations:

1. Iowa City Landfill (3900 Hebl Avenue – take Melrose out two miles west of Iowa City.) The material will be accepted at no charge and can bypass the Landfill scale. The loads must be strictly sandbag-related waste, and cannot include any other household, construction, demolition, or commercial waste materials.

2. Sandbags are also accepted at the City of Iowa City Equipment Facility at 1200 S. Riverside Drive. Look for signs identifying the location of the drop-off point for sandbags. Only sandbags and plastic sheeting can be dropped off here.

The flood hotline number in City Hall (887-6202) will be answered from 8:00 AM-5:00 PM until further notice.

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