Sunday, June 15

Iowa City Sandbagging Completed/Road Closings

Thanks to generous people, sandbagging projects are completed for now. I have truly been amazed at the numbers of people young and old, people in wheelchairs and on bikes, and others from neighboring cities, counties, and even other countries, who have all soldiered together in this time of crisis.

Most of the current sandbagging projects in Iowa City were today, Sunday, June 15. Volunteer opportunities will resume at a future date as the recovery process begins. A media release will be distributed when additional opportunities arise.

Thanks again to all those who gave so much to protect Iowa City and the surrounding area. We are most grateful.

CURRENT ROAD CLOSURES AS OF 2:00 PM; 6/15/08: (may not be current - situation in fluid):

Rocky Shore Drive; Park Road from Dubuque to Riverside Drive; Normandy, Eastmoor, Manor area; Taft Speedway; Foster Road west of Idyllwild; Dubuque Street from Park Road to Foster; Hawkins from Elliot to Highway 6; Highway 6 from Rocky Shore to 1st Avenue Coralville; Iowa Avenue from Madison to Riverside Drive; Stevens Drive; Waterfront Drive; South Gilbert Street from Highway 6 to Sycamore; Commercial Court; Clinton Street from Benton to Kirkwood; Kirkwood from Clinton to Gilbert; Sturgis Drive; Riverside Drive from Highway 6 to Benton; Riverside Drive from Benton to Burlington; Orchard Street (Highway 1 to Benton); Highway 6 (from Gilbert Street to Riverside Drive); Mormon Trek from Melrose to Highway 6/Coralville; Riverside Drive from Hwy. 6 to Ruppert Road; Madison north of Burlington Street; Riverside Drive north of Burlington; Myrtle to Myrtle Court.

Closed Bridges:Park Road; Iowa Avenue; Highway 6; Iowa River Power Dam Pedestrian Bridge
Areas of Concern: Burlington Street Bridge; Benton St. Bridge; Benton Street at Ralston Creek; S. Gilbert from Maiden Lane to 1st Street.; Douglas St. and Douglas Court; Riverside Court and S. Riverside Court; Southgate Avenue from Gilbert Street to Waterfront Drive; E. Burlington at Van Buren

The City of Iowa City continues to strongly discourage all non-essential travel. Motorists are encouraged to stay off city streets near the river corridor and to walk/bicycle or use IC Transit when possible. The only river crossings currently open at this time are Benton Street, Burlington Street, and I-80. Benton Street and Burlington Street Bridges are being monitored constantly, but are no longer scheduled for imminent closure.

Go to for updated Iowa City Road Closure maps plus a map of suggested travel routes within the Iowa City, Coralville, Cedar Rapids Corridor.

Now is not the time to sight-see; streets and remaining bridges in the Iowa River corridor must be reserved for public safety and volunteer transportation. Shop in your own neighborhoods whenever possible.

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