Monday, June 23

Seven Words You Can Never Say...About George Carlin

Shy, Retiring, Timid, Dull, Tepid, Unfeeling, Aversive? Not a chance.

George Carlin, a personal hero of mine, was not afraid of words. He was not afraid to dissect them, challenge commonly accepted meanings of them or even go to jail for them (as he did in the early 70's for disturbing the peace for uttering the infamously famous 7 dirty words you can't say..." at a show in Wisconsin.

Carlin's 6 o'clock News with Hal Sleet, Biff Burns, etc. was the first recollection I have of him. However, as a seventh grader, I was brought into his world through "Class Clown" and "FM & AM." My best buddy, Bill Rosenfeld would do dead-on impressions of Carlin and we would laugh for hours.

I, like many others, will miss him, because he taught us that there is nothing more subversive than a thought-provoking idea. I consider myself provoked. I'd say "Rest in Peace, George", but he'd probably say something like "rest in peace?--Fuck it, I'm dead."

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