Thursday, June 5

Talk About Being Sandbagged...

With all seriousness...

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has indicated that on Saturday June 7th, they will increase the discharge from the Coralville Reservoir to 15,000 cubic feet per second (cfs). This amount of discharge combined with flows from Rapid Creek and Clear Creek will result in flood levels that will impact homes and roads in Iowa City. If you live in a flood-prone area along the Iowa River, you should begin preparations now.

Additional increases in discharge from the Coralville Reservoir will likely occur on Sunday, June 8th and again on Wednesday, June 11th. The amount of these increases will depend on the amount of rainfall that is received this weekend. The goal of the Corps of Engineers is to maintain the pool level in the reservoir below the elevation of the emergency spillway. If the pool level exceeds the elevation of the emergency spillway, flows could exceed 20,000 cfs in the Iowa City area.

The City of Iowa City has sand and sand bags available at the Sand Lake Facility near the intersection of South Gilbert Street and McCollister Boulevard. The City will also place sand and sandbags at the east end of Manor Drive and near the west end of Taft Speedway. Questions regarding the availability of sand bags should be directed to the Streets Department at 356-5181.

People who want to volunteer to assist sandbagging should call the Iowa Concern Hotline at 1-800-447-1985 and tell them that they want to assist with the Johnson County operations. Volunteers can also report directly to the Normandy Drive area and assist crews already working there.

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