Thursday, July 24

Old Blackwater Keeps on Rolling

According to the UK Guardian, US private military contractor, Blackwater, is getting out of the mercenary security end of its business.

Company executives said they are moving away from security work in the wake of close media scrutiny of private contractors' behaviour in Iraq, particularly a Baghdad shooting involving Blackwater employees that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead. The incident is under investigation by American law enforcement.

Besides having four of their own contractors killed in Falujah, the incident mentioned above, and other peccadilloes--CEO and Founder of Blackwater, Erik Prince has an interesting view of his company being a "gun for hire" and its ramifications for others in his line of work.

"The experience we've had would certainly be a disincentive to any other companies that want to step in and put their entire business at risk,'' Blackwater founder and chief executive Erik Prince told an Associated Press reporter who was given a daylong tour of the company's headquarters.

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