Friday, July 18

People Get Ready!

Summertime is a wonderful time to catch up on light reading, or so I thought when I picked up economist Jeffrey Sachs' latest called "Common Wealth--Economics for a Crowded Planet" (He also wrote "The End of Poverty"). In it he posits that there are six trends that are going to impact global poverty, the environment, and over-population: 1) Economic convergence or how poorer countries economies catch up to wealthier ones 2) More people with higher incomes 3)Wealth shifting to the Asian continent 4)Continued urbanization 5)Human impact on the environment 6) The "poverty trap" wherein some economies are unable to escape the factors that lead to hyper-poverty.

And Iowa has something to say about these trends...

Here's Sachs on Bill Maher's show from not too long ago.

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noneed4thneed said...

This book is on my reading list. I heard him on Air America's Ring of Fire and the book sounded very interesting.