Thursday, July 24

Rove-ing Vigilantes

Iowa-based activists, the Des Moines Catholic Workers, plan to attempt a second arrest of Karl Rove when he visits Des Moines on Friday.

According to their press release,

Des Moines Catholic Workers, Catholic Peace Ministry and allies will
attempt to confront Karl Rove again when he appears in Des Moines
tomorrow. Rove, the "architect" of the Bush administration and chief
author of the lies that led the nation to the so-called "War on
Terror," is returning to Iowa to speak at a Republican fundraising
luncheon on Friday, July 25.

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Last March, Des Moines Catholic Workers Kirk Brown and Mona Shaw
attempted to make a citizens' arrest of Rove when he spoke at the
University of Iowa. Brown and Shaw were placed under arrest inside
the hall during that attempt and later released with no charges were
filed against the two.


Rove remains unindicted and recently refused to cooperate with a
Congressional investigation into the Valerie Plame matter. Despite
mounting evidence of Rove's wrongdoing concerning leading the U.S. to
war as well as other actions, Congress and the U.S. judicial system
remain reluctant to bring charges against either Rove or the Bush
administration. Recent evidence includes Articles of Impeachment that
will again be presented by Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich tomorrow.
Vincent Bugliosi's new book "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for
Murder" carefully lays out a case against Bush and his administration
for war crimes and felony murder. Bugliosi was prosecutor for the
Charles Manson Family murders and author of the book "Helter Skelter,"
which dealt with that crime.

Catholic Workers will work within the guidelines of Iowa Code that
obligate private citizens to make such an arrest if they believe a
felony has been committed and turn Rove over to police officials to
bring Rove before a judge for formal indictment. By law, a federal
judge should consider the charges and determine if an indictment
should be made.

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