Saturday, August 30

McCain Manages an Upset (But the Fallout Could Be More Upsetting)

Who knew that the stunning acceptance speech by Barack Obama at the Democratic Convention would have such a short shelf life? But when John McCain chose Alaska Governor (Governess?) Sarah Palin to be his running mate, he did just that. As I opined in December of last year, see "And Now For Something Completely Different: A Populist Progressive Republican", this is a Republican "I could support", particularly on corruption and holding Big Oil accountable.

Unfortunately, as a potential VP, I couldn't support her for a number of other HUGE reasons: her anti-choice stance on women's reproductive rights (membership in something called "Feminists for Life"), her wanting to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration despite the environmental disaster it would create, her demand to take polar bears off the endangered species list despite the fact that the Arctic ice shelf is melting and thus their numbers are dwindling rapidly, her NRA support (particularly around assault weapons), her lack of a cohesive plan for health care coverage for all Americans, and her lack of any foreign policy experience (particularly important in light of the fact that she would replace McCain, if he should die in office).

The good news for John McCain is that his choice will keep the light on his campaign as the press seeks to "get to know" his telegenic choice for VP. Savvy move in the short run, but will it pay off in November? The Obama/Biden team will be working overtime against that happening.

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