Tuesday, August 12

Now Where Was I...

Before I was so rudely interrupted by a virus that ate my computer...

Thanks to George (from at war/truce Georgia) at Computer Wizards, I am back in the fray. Speaking of George, his two daughters are in the independent country of Georgia and along with relatives may be in Armenia trying to return to the US. George's daughters are 2 and 7 respectively. I wish George and his family a speedy reunion.

Georgia is in a unique position. It sits on the Caspian Sea and its ties are historically with Russia, because it, like Russia, is a traditionally Christian nation surrounded by Muslim countries (Armenia and Turkey). However, the complication is that Georgia also sits on the Caspian Sea and its ports are important to exporting Russian oil. Add to that, the US is a strong ally to Georgia, which complicates relations to Russia who supports the areas which have declared independence from Georgia. Complicated enough for you?

District 39 State Senator, Joe Bolkcom is having a soirée with Iowa Senate leader, Jack Kibbie in his home in Iowa City on August 20. He is also looking for suggestions regarding the recovery efforts for the flooding in Iowa.

Patti Fields and her supports have been out getting her vibrant orange signs in the ground for the September 9th Iowa City Consolidated School Board elections.

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Anonymous said...

That's State Senate President Jack Kibbie. Larry McKibben is the retiring Republican state senator from Marshalltown (who will be replaced by Democrat Steve Sodders).