Saturday, August 30

Walk/Don't Walk

I believe in the concept of walkability and am excited to live in a city that has many neighborhood amenities within a quarter mile walking distance. Imagine my surprise when I logged on to Walk Score, which purports to identify how walkable where you live is (on a 100 point scale), and found out that my house which is near schools, a grocery store, four pharmacies, a bar, hardware store, coffeee house, movie rental place and several fast food re4staurants scores a middling 65. If I lived in the heart of Iowa City where a perfect score of 100 is possible, I would not be able to have a garden, would have to deal with much noisier neighbors, and would pay much more for housing.

This points to a problem of walkable neighborhoods--peace of mind. A better rating system might be to point out what is traded in for a perfect rating.

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