Thursday, September 18

Can You Believe It? Women Against Sarah Palin

As you might imagine, not ALL women are supporting the assent of Sarah Palin purely because she is, as Samantha Bee of the Daily Show put it, a "Vagina-American." Thanks to a friend, I've learned about a new blog site called "Women Against Sarah Palin" started by Quinn Latimer and Lyra Kilston, who by day, are editors of the magazine Modern Painters and they have a petition that states:

Sarah Palin's record is anti-woman. Feminism is not simply about achieving the power and status typically held by men. It's about protecting and supporting the rights of women of all classes, races, cultures, and beliefs. Palin's record and beliefs do not align with this. She was chosen by John McCain specifically because he believes that American women will vote for any female candidate regardless of their qualifications. He is wrong.

There is more about them and the site at ABC's Political Radar.

This is not to be confused with the website Women Against Sarah Palin which had some interesting facts about Palin, but it is not clear who is behind the site.

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Pro-Lifer in Altoona! said...

I am a woman against Sarah Palin! And a Republican to boot and damn proud of both!

Go Obama!