Monday, September 15

More Links to the Clarion Fund

Since posting about the Clarion Fund and the film “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West”, I have received more comments about this story than any other single posting I've made. As I appreciate the work that other bloggers do (and take the time to point out), I will point out some other places to learn more:

Pupaganda opines about the Clarion Fund, "Indeed, although this lack of information, apparently deliberate, does not hide the obvious fact the neocons are behind the Clarion Fund. As the video clip above reveals, the unmistakable neocon imprimatur is all over this propaganda DVD."

Literal Mayhem
points out that the attorney of record for the group, Eli D. Greenberg via Open Secrets gave a donation of $2,000 to John Edwards in 2003 (of course, it is not unheard of attorneys to donate to other attorneys). But he raises the specter that this is reverse "dirty tricks"--giving the appearance that it is one side that is doing it and funding it from the other side--a long reach, but worth looking into.

eaazi has more about the Clarion Fund "team".

Richard Silverstein
has an interesting take as well.


Anonymous said...

How can the film be propaganda when it is all factual??? Wake up and don't forget 911!

inthen07 said...
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inthen07 said...

I live in PA and just received the CD in the mail this weekend - watched it on Monday.

Trying my even-best to be objective and rational about the topic, I believe it's a fair, yet slightly unbalanced, view of radical Islam. My reason for citing it as "slighly unbalanced" is that there MAY be other moderate Islamic voices out there that could have been included in the documentary in a more prominent way (just to be clear - there is SOME inclusion of the moderate Islamic voice). Yet, I certainly don't routinely read nor hear the moderate Islamic voice so their limited representation in this documentary may be justified.

The parallels between Nazi Germany and radical Islam are not unreasonable. Obviously, the key difference is Nazi Germany had the financial werewithal to materialize their vision and radical Islam has a more limited, but not non-existent (remember Iran!), political infrastructure in support of the ideology.

All in all, worth watching.

NB: Just to be clear, I'm no right wing neo-con. I'm largely in support of the message this docuemntary conveys AND I'm voting for Obama in November

letterhead said...

Thanks for the link to LiteralMayhem... but actually I was suggesting that this "Obsession" might be home grown within the Democratic party... the "Lieberman Wing" within the Democratic Party that would not hesitate to eat its own candidate alive "in support of Israel."

Keep up the good work. I like the blog!

Anonymous said...

Eli D. Greenberg gave two major political donations, on record: $2000 to Edwards in 2003 and $2000 to Hillary Clinton in 2006. More importantly, however, is that his firm (Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman) is up to their litigation ears in the collapse of America's financial structure. New class action cases include Fannie Mae (9/18/08) and Bear Stearns (3/20/08). No surprise that liars and thieves are in the same firm

Anonymous said...

It's disturbing that someone who at least appears to be intelligent (inthen07), doesn't get that this is blatant fearmongering and divisiveness at its worst.

The only purpose of this "film" is to heavily distribute to voters in swing states and scare the hell out of them in hope of getting them to vote for the candidate who is supposedly "strong" on foreign policy.

To even lend it credence with such a "review" makes me question your intelligence and your neo-con sympathies.