Monday, September 22

No Bailout Without Equity and Oversight!

Credo Action has a deal for you:

Can you take two minutes to call Senator Reid and ask him to oppose the bailout unless it includes equity and oversight?

This process is short, easy, and makes a big difference. Here's how it works:

Call 1-888-426-0462. That's CREDO's toll-free action line — we'll connect you to Senator Reid's office.
When you get connected to Senator Reid's office, you'll have the option to leave him a voice message right away. Please leave him a message asking him to reject the Wall Street bailout unless it includes an equity stake for taxpayers, opposes golden parachutes for CEOs, imposes a moratorium on all Wall Street campaign contributions and PAC activity, strengthens regulations and oversights for the banking industry, and helps Americans in danger of losing their homes. A bailout without these sensible provisions is just plain irresponsible. We can't afford to give the Bush Administration another blank check.
If you don't want to leave a message, you'll also have the option to wait on the line to speak to a staff member. Your hold time may be several minutes, but if you have the time to wait, we encourage you to do so. (See talking points below for live conversations — or longer messages!)

And that's the whole process! We want to flood Senator Reid's office with messages to make sure he knows that if he caves on this issue, we will hold him accountable.

Call 1-888-426-0462 right now to be connected to Senator Reid.

Then, when you're done, can you get five friends involved?

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Its all about the Federal Reserve System.