Friday, October 24

Auditor's Race: Change We Can't Believe In

Johnson County politics are hard to grasp some times. Take the county auditor's race (please).

On the one hand, you have a well-entrenched Democrat who has held the job of county auditor for about half his life, who has been arrested and tried for OWI twice in a six year span, has been accused of mistreatment of a number of employees (two of whom have run against him for his office this cycle), and whose office, while certainly ahead of other counties in terms of having up-to-date equipment and voter information, has had its share of voting issues (including the 21-only vote that was initially reported incorrectly).

On the other hand, you have a 24 year old Independent candidate who, as a clerk of said office, was fired in six months, is embroiled in a war of words over a failed cake venture with the woman she either a)was gifted the secret recipe by, b)entered into a business arrangement with c)none of the above, and who has not addressed her qualifications to do the entirety of the job to which she is running (I e-mailed her on the October 17th, got a response on the 20th that a response would be coming soon--I'm still waiting).

If ever there was a reason to write-in a candidate, this is a good reason. In either case, if they win, someone loses. With the incumbent, the revolving door that employees tend to circulate through, keeps swinging and the controversy continues. With the challenger, you have a person whom Auditor's office staff would question the readiness of to lead their unit and a prior employment record that is as thin as watercress soup.

As for me, I will write in "none of the above"--the vote is too important to be left in the hands of an unqualified person and, in my estimation, both of the candidates are unqualified, although for two vastly different reasons.

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