Wednesday, October 22

Democrat Pollworkers Needed in Johnson County

Update 10/26/08: No more Democrat pollworkers needed in Johnson County. But pollworkers from other parties and "no party" are.

From Johnson County (Iowa) Auditor's Office:

Johnson County has a record number of registered voters and a record number of absentee ballot requests at this point in time.

The Johnson County Auditor's Office is in need of Democratic pollworkers for the upcoming General Election. As of today, we are about 35 Democrats short of being fully staffed and 90 short of being staffed with the desired number of backups (One Democrat per precinct).

We need to get our message to a large number of Democrats in a relatively short amount of time, and we are contacting you and your organization for additional assistance.

We ask that workers commit to working the whole day, which runs from 5:30 a.m. to roughly 9:30 p.m. While the hours are long, pollworkers are compensated at $10/hr and $15/hr for any hours over 8 in a day. We reimburse all parking fully and pay $0.49 per mile driven to and from the polling site. There is a paid School of Instruction the 28th, 29th or 30th of October (workers attend 1 of the 3) at 6:30 pm in Montgomery Hall on the Johnson County Fairgrounds.

If you know people who are willing to work, please contact or have them contact Nate Mueller or any of the elections staff at the Auditor's Office (356-6004) as soon as possible.

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