Friday, October 10

Down and Down We Go

As the Chinese proverb goes "May you live in interesting times"--and oh boy, are we. The stock market continues its "correction" to the lowest level since July, 2003 and us folks on Main Street are worried about our last words being "Would you like fries with that." And how far down could we go? Who really knows, but if countries are going bankrupt ("Halló, Góðan daginn" the folks in Iceland), it isn't good.

But with less than 30 days to the election, imagine what will happen if the dive stops? If you are John McCain's camp you are going to spin the "recovery" as your guy was right and "that one" (aka, Barack Obama) was wrong. And my friends, stranger things have happened.

On the other hand, whoever ends up being president, they'll have quite a cleanup on aisle America to contend with.

Interesting days indeed.

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