Friday, October 17

Ed Fallon Asks For Support...For Other Progressives

From I'M Iowa founder and lead accordionist, Ed "Grammarian" Fallon

I’ve lived half a century and can say sincerely that this is the most critical election in my lifetime. I’m excited about Obama for a number of reasons, especially his rejection of PAC and lobbyist money. I asked Obama’s Iowa campaign about making a plug for donations, and they suggested Lynn and I focus instead on encouraging support for Iowa legislative candidates.

Wow! How often does that happen? A political candidate encouraging supporters to donate to other candidates! In an election of firsts, for me that’s also a first.

So, if you haven’t yet donated to the legislative candidates who have made campaign finance reform a top priority, please choose one or more and make a contribution today. Let’s show that Iowans want to reduce the influence of money in politics by backing candidates who have the guts to say “NO” to special interests in their campaigns.

HD 14:&nb sp; MARK KUHN, Floyd and Mitchell counties.

HD 16: JOHN BEARD, Winneshiek and Allamakee counties.


HD 47: SUE TEMERE, Dallas County.

HD 50: LYNNE GENTRY, Calhoun, Greene and Webster counties.

SD 14: PAM JOCHUM, Dubuque. Send a check to People for Pam Jochum, 2368 Jackson St, Dubuque 52001.


Ed Fallon

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Ed Fallon said...

Thanks for plugging these great, bold candidates -- true Democrats, the lot of them. I hope more folks will send them a donation.

And it's "accordionist," not "accordianist."

Ed "Grammarian" Fallon

Gark said...


It's always a pleasure to be of service. Sorry for hitting the wrong key--something I'm sure an accordionist of your caliber would never do :-)