Friday, October 17

League of Conservation Voters Vote In

The LCV votes on environmental issues have been tabulated and this is how our Iowa delegation stacks up:

Vote Scorecard: 110th, 2nd session

Scores for Iowa (Sorted by Last Name)


Senator State 110th, 2nd session Score
Charles Grassley (REP) IA 27%
Tom Harkin (DEM) IA 91%


Representative District 110th, 2nd session Score
Leonard Boswell (DEM) IA-3 85%
Bruce Braley (DEM) IA-1 92%
Steve King (REP) IA-5 0%
Tom Latham (REP) IA-4 23%
Dave Loebsack (DEM) IA-2 92%

Good job D's, tsk, tsk R's.

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