Sunday, October 26

More Endorsemnts for Obama

The Des Moines Register, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Hartford Courant, St. Petersburg Times, the Providence Journal, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Baltimore Sun, Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Albany Times-Union and others including the largest newspaper in Alaska, The Anchorage Daily News, joined the growing list of newspapers endorsing Barack Obama for the presidency. According to Editors and Publishers, "Obama still leads by almost 3-1 in all editorial endorsements. Updated with the latest from today his lead stands at 162 to 62. Perhaps most tellingly, the Democrat has now gained at least 35 papers that endorsed George Bush in 2004. That year, Bush and Kerry split the 418 endorsements almost straight down the middle." Here's the longer list.

It is important to say that these endorsements don't always mean victory to the endorsee, as John Kerry's candidacy proved in 2004 when he was endorsed by many more newspapers than George Bush.

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