Wednesday, October 15

More on Clarion Fund

Update: 10/17/08: The statement below is from PR Newswire. I apologize for the lack of attribution.

A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group announced today that Howard Gordon, the executive producer of Fox's drama "24," has withdrawn his endorsement of the anti-Muslim film "Obsession" currently being distributed to some 28 million households in presidential election swing states by a shadowy non-profit organization called the Clarion Fund.

Another speculation about the Clarion Fund, this one from Israel News.


Wordsmith said...

Well, dang! Idaho not being a "swing state" I can't even get a FREE CD. I'd be very interested in what's on it, though.

Will said...

Gark, please do not call the film "anti-Muslim"; if you had seen it I don't think that you would continue to do so. The movie takes time to point out that the vast majority of Muslims do not support terrorism and have as much or more to fear from Islamic radicals as non-Muslims do.