Wednesday, October 29

Redistribution of Oil Revenues NOT Socialism?

I liked this entry from ThoughtCrimes about an assertion that Sarah Palin made on the campaign trail:

"“And Sen. Obama said that—he said that he regretted--he regretted that the Supreme Court hadn't been more radical and he described the court's refusal to take up the issues of redistribution of wealth as a tragedy and he said that he also regretted that the Supreme Court did not break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the founding fathers there in the Constitution, that's a quote.”

Aside from deliberately taking the quote out of context, the accusation fits Palin more than Obama.

As governor of Alaska Palin raised taxes on oil companies, then redistributed the oil companies profits to every single Alaskan, even though they didn't earn the money.

THAT my friends, is socialism."

It raises an excellent point that I haven't heard elsewhere.

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