Tuesday, October 14

Register to Register Your Vote

If you haven't registered to vote (and why the heck not?), October 25th is the last day to do it the old fashioned way by filling out a registration form. But, if you should lapse into a coma between now and then, know that on election day you can go down to your regular polling place and register and vote there. If you register to vote on Election Day, you will be required to show proof of identity and residency). Note too that your vote is more likely to be challenged if you register on Election Day. So get 'er done!

Not sure if you're registered or not?

Here's a neat little thing that the Secretary of State of Iowa, Micahel Mauro, has created--a way to make sure that you are registered to vote in Iowa.

If you vote absentee, in Johnson County you can also see if you if your absentee ballot was received.

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