Wednesday, October 15

Tonight's Debate: A Sit Down, Drag Out Affair?

Tonight John McCain and Barack Obama will sit face to face, across a table from each other and, for the last time before the election, they will address questions posed by "battlin'" Bob Schieffer. With the further sinking of the stock market today, it would be surprising if at least half of the debate wasn't centered around the recession we are now officially allowed to admit we are in. That or how knowing Jesse Jackson, William Ayers, Jesse Helms, or Ted Stevens has made Obama and McCain bad people--depending on how good at wrangling cats Mr. Schieffer is this post-meridian.

It would be nice for both of them talk about the brain trust they will call in to advise them how to get us out of this one. Bring back the WPA-- anyone, anyone?

For those of you who like to mix alcohol with your politics, don't use "my friends" or "folks on Main Street" or "the economy" for your chug words, as you will likely die of alcohol poisoning.

The political pundits will spend a great deal of time telling you what it all means, so don't worry about digesting what you hear for yourself--TV Networks: chewing the news so you won't have to. Open up, baby bird...

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