Tuesday, November 4

7% Turnout by 9 AM in Johnson County

Voters have turned out early in today's presidential election with 7.03% of the vote already in by 9 am at polling places across Johnson County. Based on the previous presidential election of 2004, the pace for this election is lower with roughly 400 votes tallied. However, when compared to the September school board elections where less than 3000 voters turned out all day, the 6486 votes already in dwarfs that number.

Voter turnout outside of Iowa City and Coralville has been considerably higher with almost 10% of the vote in from smaller communities like North Liberty, Tiffin, and Oxford, as well as rural Johnson County. Within Iowa City, the turnout has been relatively low with 5.4% of the vote tallied. In Coralville, 7.6% of the vote is in.

With almost 42,000 of Johnson County's 92,200 registered voters requesting absentee ballots or voting early, as compared to 34,000 in 2004, voting is this election is still on a pace to eclipse 2004's record turnout.

Turnout information is available at the Johnson County Auditor's website.

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