Wednesday, November 5

Johnson County Race Results

Tom Slockett was retained as County Auditor in the only truly contested county race. The County Auditor who ran against two former employees, Mona Shaw and Hanna Gugliuzza, during the primary and general election garnered 65% of the vote in what some believe may be his last term as auditor.

A write in campaign by Michael D. Thayer to displace Rod Sullivan, the current Chair of the Johnson County Board of Supervisors fell flat as Thayer received no more than a possible 1,392 write-in votes to Sullivan's almost 41,000. Pat Harney received the most votes of all the BOS candidates.

The races are summarized below and are unofficial until certified by the County Board of Supervisors.

Johnson County Board of Supervisors
Pat Harney (D) 45,212 (62%)
Terrence Neuzil (D) 44,033 (60%)
Rod Sullivan (D) 40,962 (56%)
Write In 1,392


Tom Slockett (D) 38,470 (65%)
Hanna Gugliuzza (NP) 20,653 (35%)
Write In 214

Lonny L. Pulkrabek (D) 50,658 98%
Write In 1,038 (2%)

Soil and Water
Nathan M. Moore 32,886 (45%)
Kelley Putman 33,875 (47%)
Alex Schmidt 30,915 (42%)
Write In 808

Ag Extension
Larry Culver 33,021 (45%)
Maynard Hebl 29,482 (40%)
Donna Ruth 30,365 (42%)
John Schneider 29,713 (41%)
Write In 719

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