Wednesday, November 5

Local Women in the House and Senate: State Races

House Representatives Mary Mascher, Vicki Lensing, and Dave Jacoby retained their seats while first timers State Senator Sharon Savage and House Representative Rebecca Spears (Who scored an upset of Jeff Kaufmann) earned their first terms, as did newcomers Nate Willems (replacing the retiring Ro Foege) and Larry Marek. This election showcased possible stars of tomorrow in a state that has never elected a female Governor or sent a woman to Congress.

State Senate (40th Dist)
Sharon Savage (D) 743 (59%)
James F. Hahn (R) 513 (41%)
Write In 1

State Rep (29th Dist)
Nate Willems (D) 4,753 (57%)
Emma Nemecek (R) 3,504 (42%)
Write In 16

State Rep (30th Dist)
Dave Jacoby (D) 15,751 (98%)
Write In 278

State Rep (77th Dist)
Mary Mascher (D) 11,229 (82%)
Chris L. Brewer (NP) 2,412 (18%)
Write In 88

State Rep (78th Dist)
Vicki Lensing (D) 15,621 (98%)
Write In 242

State Rep (79th Dist
Rebecca Spears (D) 683 (55%)
Jeff Kaufmann (R) 557 (45%)
Write In 1

State Rep (89th Dist)
Larry K Marek (D) 1,986 (59%)
Jarad Klein (R) 1,396 (41%)
Write In 3

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