Tuesday, November 4

POTUS Fun Facts

Here are some fun, but entirely useless bits of presidential trivia:

If elected, not only will Barack Obama become the first African-American/biracial president, he will become the first president with four "a"s in his name, the 4th president with a consonant for a first initial in his first name and a vowel for the first initial of his last name, and the 2nd president elected from Illinois.

If John McCain is elected, he would become the 4th president named John, the second "Mc" to be elected (William McKinley would be the other), the first president from Arizona, and the first president born outside the United States (but to parents who were both American).

The youngest president? Theodore Roosevelt 42 years and 322 days old when sworn in (Barack Obama would be the fifth youngest elected president).
The oldest president? Ronald Reagan 69 years and 351 days when elected (although John McCain would surpass him, if elected).

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