Tuesday, November 4

Steady Voting Through Mid-Afternoon in Johnson County

With slightly more than 21% of the registered voters in Johnson County weighing in, the 2008 election is 3% behind 2004's turnout. However, it continues to trend ahead of the 2004 election in total voting with early voting statistics thrown in, as early voting was up 6% over 2004.

The outlying county voters continue to turnout in higher proportions than their Coralville and Iowa City neighbors. Excluding Iowa City and Coralville, 27% of the vote has turned out in North Liberty, Tiffin, Oxford, Solon, Hills, and the rest of the county with a total of 7,486 votes. Iowa City has a 18% turnout (9,625 votes) and Coralville's turnout is 20% (2,383).

With early voting and today's turnout, we can possibly expect a total turnout of over 80%, which would be the highest turnout in Iowa's history. "It is going to be a record," said Michael Mauro, the state's top election official. "Not only in Iowa but across the country people are making a statement. We are seeing these phenomenal numbers."

If you haven't voted, you can do so until 9 pm tonight. If you are not registered, you can do it (using a provisional ballot) at your polling place.

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