Tuesday, November 4

CORRECTION: Turnout Doubles Between 9 and 11 AM in Johnson County

Note: This story has been updated to reflect an important correction to the vote count which is cumulative, not "point in time". My apologies to readers and sincere thanks to John who caught this error. Back after 3 pm's update.

Voters are coming out in higher numbers after a slow start at the polls. According to the Johnson County Auditor's office, almost 13% of all registered voters (11,788) have voted at the polls with over 9 hours left to go. 18% of registered voters in smaller communities outside of Iowa City and Coralville have already voted, while Coralville is at slightly more than 12% turnout and Iowa City is hovering just at 10%.

Some precincts' turnout of note:
Johnson County
Cedar: 30%
Jefferson West: 26%
Jefferson East: 25%
Solon and Big Grove: 23%

In Coralville
Grant Woood AEA: 14%
Wickham: 13%
Coralville Recreation Ctr.: 13%

In Iowa City
Lemme: 15%
Regina: 14%
Horne: 13%

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John said...

Garry: The turnout is cumulative. The 11:00 number is the total voters 7 AN to 11 AM, not the 9 AM to 11 AM subtotal. Actual turnout, 7 AM to 11 AM, is 11,788.