Monday, November 3

Video Predictions for the last day before Election Day

It may not be time to break out the hats and whoopers (whether Josie comes home or not), but it is okay to make some musical predictions...

1) What John McCain is telling his troops can be best said by Kuh Ledesma.

2) What Barack Obama's camp must be thinking it deserves at this point as presented by the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain.

3) What the third parties are hoping in their own way:

4) What the rest of us are looking forward to saying on November 5th as told by Boz Scaggs.

5) What the Republican Party will likely be doing on November 6th, right Average White Band?

6) What the Democratic Party is likely to say on January 20, 2009

No matter what happens tomorrow, many a teardrop must fall, 'cause it's all in the game.

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