Monday, December 15

Electoral College Declares Obama President-Elected

Despite a twenty minute delay in Colorado so that an alternative elector could be seated, the Electoral College convened across the United States and declared Barack Obama the President of the United States.

The Des Moines Register reports Governor Chet Culver saying the Electoral College system worked as it should, "If we were ever going to change it we would have done it over the last eight years," said Culver. "You have to give small states an opportunity to be relevant."

All of Iowa's seven electors are Democratic activists who were involved in the campaign early on and signed a formal document declaring their official support for Obama. "They got involved very early in the presidential selection process," said Culver. "Since the Democrats won, these seven electors get to cast their votes."

The Iowa City Press Citizen reports that Iowa's 2008 electors are:

• 1st District: Elwood Thompson, Waterloo.

• 2nd District: Slayton Thompson, Cedar Rapids.

• 3rd District: Kathleen O'Leary, Des Moines.

• 4th District: Jon Heitland, Iowa Falls.

• 5th District: Dennis Ryan, Onawa.

• At large: Joe Judge, Albia.

• At large: Audrey Linville, Davenport.

A gentle round of applause for these women and men.

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