Monday, December 22

Irony: Atwood, Debt, and CNN

I am constantly amused by our universe, particularly that part where we human beings run the show. Case in point? Margaret Atwood has written a great new book called "Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth" " and it is showing up in the most interesting places like CNN (see photo above). The book is a philosophical examination of the concept of debt and its interconnections with biology, theology, and sociology, as seen through the eyes of the hugely talented writer. Note the display of the story juxtaposed with a honking large advertisement for Ralph Lauren which encourages us to go into debt to buy something lovely and posh from the ersatz garment king.

The book is engaging and brings you into Atwood's inquiring mind. It was the book I began reading to my wife yesterday, as part of our Sunday tradition. As cold as it was yesterday, the intellectual exercise I got was quite a workout.

NPR had an interesting interview with Atwood where she discusses her book. Here's a snippet from the book read by Atwood.

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