Friday, December 26

Look What Obama Gets for Christmas

A CNN poll reports that 75% of those polled won't miss George W. Bush when he leaves office. However there is one man in the U.S. who will, Barack Obama. You see the problems that President Bush leaves behind will be a adeptly handed off to Obama with the skill of Minnesota Viking's QB Tarvaris Jackson last weekend (for the non-footballers, that's not good).

Stepping into the breach, President-Elect Obama will likely see Israel sending troops into the Gaza to take on radical Palestinian's who are launching Katuscha rockets from the territory. He will find Pakistan sending their troops to the border of India. All this and two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a crumbling economy here at home, and so on.

Fortunately, Obama brings hope and change and a pretty good cabinet to takeover for the miserable failures that will be left behind when George W. and Laura take their last Texas two-step out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. If you believe in the power of prayer, heads down, prayers up.

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