Thursday, March 5

Bill to Have County Public Hearings for CAFOs Alive!

According to Iowa Citizens for Community Action:

Victory - HSB 186 passes out of committee!

Because of your efforts to contact key state legislators, we are getting things done and moving critical legislation forward. Yesterday afternoon, we helped pass HSB 168 out of the House Environmental Protection committee. It's an important bill that would require all counties to hold public hearings on all proposed factory farms that are large enough to require a construction permit (for hogs, that's 2,500 head in total confinement at any one time). It passed out of committee by a vote of 11-10.

Thanks for taking action! This victory happened because of your efforts to swing Representative Elesha Gayman to vote for the bill. She has been supportive, but was getting pressure to vote against it. Your calls and emails leading up to the vote helped convince her to vote in favor of it. Now HSB 168 is eligible for debate by the full House.

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