Sunday, March 29

Face the Face(book)

I've become one of those late-boomers who has become attracted to Facebook. I don't Twitter because I like to have a life that doesn't involve TTfT (Thumb trauma from texting) and My Space just feels creepy to me. And yes, like anything new, I find myself spending too much time learning all its bells and whistles--like connecting my blog link to it and such.

Still, as the Presidential election showed, the better connected you are with your constituency, the better off you are to communicate ideas in a timely fashion. And I am late to the game. Many environmental activists I know are chewing up Facebook with info about the latest outrage or "ask" to correspond with state and federal representatives. One part of me wonders how man more brain cells will be cooked trying to keep up with the killer applications that seem to roll out by the minute? And yet, I love the ability to stay in touch with friends and others that I'd ordinarily not be able to make more time for in my frenetic (and word filled day).

Clearly many of us are buried under information. Our in-boxes are filled with thousands of unread email, we have accounts to social networking sites that we barely visit any more. Our "favorites" are distant memories. If someone has a killer application that can help me keep all my stuff organized in one place, I'd be all over it.

In the mean time, I appreciate your continued readership. I find that if I can put three or four "worthy" Popular Progressive blog entries a week together, I am doing exceptionally well. As a wise person I know said, "if you want to be remembered, say something worth remembering."

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