Tuesday, March 17

Go Greener For St. Patrick's Day

I appreciate the festivities on St. Patrick's Day. I do. I like a green beer as much as the next and a good parade. But when I see the aftermath of a St. Patty's Day bar crawl, it saddens me--and I think it would the good Saint too because of all the garbage that is strewn about the streets. So here is are three suggestions:

If you can, get your beer in a glass or stein--it is reusable. If not, bring your own cup. If you can't use your cup, make a pledge to recycle the plastic cups you use.

If possible, buy a locally-made, or organic brew. The closer to you your beer is made, the less damage to the environment and probably the better it tastes.

Use public transportation, cab, walk, or carpool to and from your nearest pub or bar. That way you can enjoy yourself and limit your carbon footprint at the same time.

These suggestions may not drive the snakes out of Ireland, but they will make the planet a slightly better place.


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