Monday, April 6

Flood the Hall: City Officials Discuss Tax Vote

The Cities of Iowa City, Coralville, and North Liberty will present information regarding the projects that would be funded with proceeds of a local option sales tax on Wednesday, April 8, from 7 to 9 pm at Coralville City Hall.

City leaders, including Iowa City Manager Michael Lombardo and Public Works Director Rick Fosse; Coralville City Administrator Kelly Hayworth and City Engineer Dan Holderness of Coralville; and North Liberty City Manager Ryan Heiar and McClure Engineering's Adam Bohr, will present the projects their cities plan for construction if the local option sales tax passes on May 5.

Coralville City Hall is located at 1512 7th Street. The event will also be presented live on the Iowa City and Coralville cable television stations.

Voters of Iowa City and Johnson County will vote May 5 on a one-cent local option sales tax. If approved, this tax will be collected for four years, beginning July 1, 2009.

The Iowa City Council has determined proceeds from the tax would be used for elevation of Dubuque Street and reconstruction of the Park Road Bridge, and relocation of the North Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Coralville City Council has determined proceeds from the tax would be spent on flood mitigation infrastructure projects. Engineering studies have identified $54 million in improvements for protection of low-lying areas for water levels of one foot above the 2008 crest.

North Liberty's City Council has determined that 100 percent of the sales tax proceeds would be designated for the construction and improvement of city streets, including Highway 965.

Additional information will be presented at the information night on April 8, with time for questions and answers.

About the election:
As a response to the natural disasters of 2008, the Iowa Legislature approved a measure allowing passage of the local option sales tax on a compressed schedule. The measure also allows for a single community in a county or metropolitan area to pass and collect the one-cent tax.

Each Johnson County community will vote individually to decide if the sales tax will be collected in their community, and each community's ballot specifies how its share of the revenue will be applied, if approved. A majority vote (over 50%) in a community will pass the sales tax for their community. Only communities that pass the tax will share in the proceeds.

The vote for this election is Tuesday, May 5, at regular polling places from 7 am to 9 pm.

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