Monday, April 6

Iowa Second on Happiness Index

Though I imagine the ruling by Iowa's Supreme Court on Friday would have no effect, we are the 2nd Happiest (financially) State in the Union.

According to Market Watch, "America's heartland - the Midwest - proved to be one of the most financially content parts of the country, with Nebraska grabbing the number one spot, followed by Iowa (#2) and Kansas (#3).

The ratings were based on a cross-section of key financial factors:
-- Average non-mortgage debt relative to average annual income
-- Foreclosure numbers
-- Unemployment rate

"Historically, there have been economic ratings that centered on the grimmest of situations. In contrast, with focused on helping consumers learn about saving, spending, and borrowing wisely, we thought it was time to inspire by pointing to the positive," said Harleen Kahlon, General Manager of "Still, it's important to look at where we need to improve and we hope that the 'Happiness Index' rallies leaders and residents in states that didn't make it to the top of the list to move up in the rankings over time."

I imagine if some of the folks who were flooded or tornadoed out of their homes were able to be reached, they might bring the rating down a little.

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