Monday, April 13

RIO Releases 1st Quarterly Flood Progress Report

The Rebuild Iowa Office (RIO) press release:

The Rebuild Iowa Office (RIO) has released its first “Quarterly Report.” The report includes a comprehensive look at the progress that has been made in recovery efforts from Iowa’s 2008 storms and floods.

The 70-page report provides an overview of the disaster assistance programs that have been implemented to help impacted Iowans; outreach to communities to assist with long-term planning; flood mitigation efforts; charts detailing the flow of disaster-related funding to impacted citizens; disaster recovery activities undertaken by various state departments; and photos taken of disaster-stricken areas. Long-term recovery challenges and goals remaining for Iowa are also addressed.

“This report shows the magnitude of this disaster and the recovery efforts that have been accomplished to date. However, there is still much work to be done,” said Lt. General Ron Dardis, Rebuild Iowa Office Executive Director. “While this report has been prepared for the Legislature and Governor Culver, we believe we must also do everything we can to convey the recovery’s progress and remaining challenges to Iowans and their communities.”

The report was prepared for Governor Chet Culver and Iowa legislators in accordance with House File 64. The bill, which was signed into law in February, made $56 million in state funds available for disaster recovery and officially established the Rebuild Iowa Office through June 30, 2011. The legislation also called for quarterly reports by the office to show progress in the recovery effort.

To access the Rebuild Iowa Office’s April Quarterly Report, visit the RIO Web site at The Rebuild Iowa Office’s next report will be released in July.

See Report Here:

The report reflects that only about $25 of $40 million dollars in housing aid has been processed and $20 of $30 million in SBA loans.

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