Friday, August 28

COPE Endorses Three for School Board

Ed Stone and the steering committee from the Citizen's for Outstanding Public Education (COPE) sent the following:

The School Board election on September 8 is rapidly approaching. Please vote.

In this election particularly, we need EVERY vote to elect quality School Board Members who will lead our schools, our community, and the district administration in providing the best for ALL students in our district.

Three seats are open. Six Candidates are currently running. Over the past few weeks we worked together to actively engage the candidates and elicit their positions on important matters of fiscal responsibility, educational equity, meaningful transparency, socioeconomic balance, new high school viability, and management of the district administration, just to name a few.

Three Candidates best reflect the leadership qualities we seek:

Tuyet Dorau
Jean Jordison
Sarah Swisher

Each of these Candidates brings special attributes: Jean embodies a long record of loving and tireless volunteerism for our students and our schools; Tuyet’s west side education and relationship-building acumen allow her to bridge and unify the diverse and sometimes discordant regions of our district; and Sarah provides the experience to make the hard decisions that have for too long been muddied by administrative indecision.

Please join us in supporting these three Candidates on Tuesday, September 8. For early voting instructions, please see the following link:

If you have any questions about our support of these candidates, please contact a member of the COPE steering committee.

Thank you.

COPE Steering Committee


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