Sunday, August 16

Key Democrat Throwing the Towel on Public Option for Health Care Reform

According to CNN, Democratic Sen. Kent Conrad of North Dakota there are not enough votes in the Senate to put the public option on the table and "it was futile to continue to "chase that rabbit" due to the lack of 60 Senate votes needed to overcome a filibuster."

"The fact of the matter is there are not the votes in the United States Senate for a public option. There never have been," Conrad said on "Fox News Sunday."

His comment signaled a shift in the health care debate, with Obama and senior advisers softening their support for a public option by saying final form of the legislation is less important than the principle of affordable coverage available to all.

The question everybody should have when they attend a town hall meeting from now on is: if everybody is required to have insurance, who will insure that it is affordable?

The normal free market model tends to low ball costs to lure people to join a program hoping to drive other competitors out of the market and then up costs when there is no reasonable viable option to the consumer. I would like any Senator or President Obama to explain how they will prevent that from happening, if there is no public option or watchdog/oversight.

What if private insurers, like they have been alleged and known to do, collude with each other. The government hasn't enacted Taft-Hartley Act in a bazillion years. What tough measures will be in place and who will guard the guard, since many times agencies are stocked with veterans and lobbyists from the industries they are supposed to watchdog.

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Anonymous said...

Sen. Conrad's right. There never were those votes in the Senate and there never will be. The rationale is quite simple: those that have -- the 260 million with adequate health insurance -- simply feel they will have to pay for those that have not -- the 45 million who don't.

And they, the 260 million, get nothing out of it.

At least that's the way they see it. As do their Senators.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Obama, for even thinking of giving up on Public Option, he shot his mouth off on this all thru the election and I voted for him, now he has no guts and letting the Rep and Sara Palin run the show. I can see now I voted for the wrong person. I read a report that they estimate 47 million people are without health insurance and 27,000 died from not having it, shame on you Obama for giving people false hope. Shame on Congress for making sure Congress members have a good health care while others die from not having because Congress doesn't care as long as they have good insurance, you nasty greedy people. If the insurance companies were doing there job, people wouldn't be dying and 47 million wouldn't be without insurance. Even Mexico and Canada cover their people with a Government insurance program. I know, I'm not a Mexican. I was born in Oregon, but in 1989 I was in college with no health insurance, I needed a $20,000 operation, the Oregon hospital said I could get a loan and put it on payments and I said Im in college what if I cant pay, the Doctor said thats your problem not ours, you probably get bad credit and what ever else follows it. I had to buy a round ticket to Mexico City for $500 from Oregon and get the operation in Mexico City for $2,500 because this Country, the USA would let people die if they cant get enough bucks. Shame on you. I had a part time job and some money saved for college but not $20,000 and that $20,000 in 1989 I'm sure is a $50,000 operation now 2009. Thank Mexico City for saving my life and my Career, while these rich Doctors make lots of bucks for their greed. Did you know that to practice medicine in Mexico you have to donate a percent of you're time to helping the needy free of charge, I think its 10 or 20 percent or you cant practice medicine.

Anonymous said...

When will the democrats ever learn how to govern, the smaller republican led congresses pass boatloads of crap that we can't afford nor the military wants for years and years and still my fellow democrats can't find the backbone to make the tough, albiet right decisions for our country. it's almost like they can't take a page from the Brits politics 101 handbook: when the populace decides to change the party in charge it's high time to give the populace what they want CHANGE!!! i'm embarrassed to be a card carrying democrat.

Anonymous said...

How much money was put into Sen. Conrads camp by the Insurance Companies He is willing to sellout the Public for a few more dollars.

dyana said...

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Anonymous said...

Senator Conrad's largest campaign contributor over the last five years is the Davita Corporation, a nationwide health care service provider. You don't suppose all his rhetoric about co-ops is really just about kissing up to Davita's lobby and securing his campaign contributions for the next election? I'm sure Davita would prefer to compete with a feeble co-op system rather than a substantial public adversary.

Anonymous said...

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