Sunday, August 2

Small Town News

I was in Kalona over the weekend with my wife, my sister and her family. We stopped into the Kalona General Store to pick up some pickled asparagus which we have enjoyed in the past. While we were there, we witnessed the proprietor of the store insist that a woman with a physical disability and her service dog, a Great Dane leave the store. As a result of seeing what took place, we left the store empty handed and caught up with the woman and her dog named "Sir Vivor".

By the American's with Disabilities Act, businesses are required to accommodate disabled persons and service animals are such an accommodation. Service animals are easy to spot because they wear distinctive vests and are extraordinarily well trained. The owner of the dog should, but does not have to, keep the service certification with them.

In this person's case, she was hit by a drunken driver and suffered a stroke. As a result, her dog serves to support her physically as well as help her through grand mal seizures when they occur. She explained that in Kalona she has had a history of difficulties with the local business community and actually had to go to court to have the local pharmacy allow her and her service animal on the premises.

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