Friday, September 4

Des Moines: The Fat and The Furious

According to Men’s Health Magazine, Des Moines is Iowa’s "Fat City" coming in #33 on their national survey of “America's biggest fast-food addicts.” As a person who visited last month’s State Fair, it is not shocking, though I thought it was limited to the month long bacon-nalia. Apparently not. Des Moines beat out such luminaries as Chicago (aka: City of Broad Stomachs), Dallas, and Washington, D.C. to capture its coveted position.

Men’s Health’s criteria rankings were based on the number of main stream fast food establishments, the percentage of residents who were fast food customers, those who consume it regularly (seven or more times a month), the number of obese residents and the fewest number of residents getting their daily recommended fruits and vegetables.

The top (bottom) five most fast-food addicted cities were from red meat states:
1) Arlington, TX
2) Anchorage, AK
3) Charlotte, NC
4) Sioux Falls, SD
5) Raleigh, NC

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