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U V. I C in City Council Primary October 6th

It is hard to believe that in less than a month the primaries for city council seats in Iowa City is occurring. With two at-large city councilors in Iowa City stepping down and five candidates in the running, three of whom are current University of Iowa students, it should be an interesting primary--particularly if there is a substantial student turnout.

Jared Bazzell is a senior Communications major at The University of Iowa and is running on a platform of economic development, public safety, and better community relations between the University of Iowa and the City of Iowa City. You can tweet him here or Facebook him here.

Terry Dickens is a downtown business owner and life-long Iowa City resident. Dickens is for improved public safety including adequate police protection and staffing the Northeast fire station, preserving the Senior Center, affordable housing and new development, and adjusting building codes and regulations to strike a balance between safety and encouraging new development.

Susan Mims, an investment consultant, former School Board president, and a 30+ year Iowa City resident, is Her website is functional as of today. According to the Daily Iowan, "said she is banking on her five years of experience working with finances. “What becomes very big for the next council is finances because they are going to have to cut money,” she said. She stressed businesses should be taxed — not homeowners — for funds so local government can deal with issues such as improving public safety."

Jeff Shipley is a senior at The University of Iowa Political Science major and liaison to the Iowa City Council. He is running on a tough on crime, anti-franchise tax, pro-conservation and beautification, and keeping downtown a friendly place for young adults by not reviving efforts to put a 21 ordinance on the books.

Dan Tallon is a junior at The University of Iowa majoring in Political Science and "would like to see the city government work more for the students. The University of Iowa is an important aspect of Iowa City, and its students should have a voice in city politics. I want to be that voice to protect the interests of students. I also represent the interests of several different groups: renters, service members, youth, as well as the city at large. I would like to see the cost of living in this city go down. Being a student who attends school only on the G.I. Bill, my income is fixed at the rate the Veterans Administration sees fit. A rate that is sometimes well over shadowed by the exorbitant cost of living near campus."

"Iowa City deserves a representative who truly wants to serve the residents, including students, someone who wants to improve the city, someone who wants a fair and balanced budget, and someone who will dedicate their time and effort to the city. I believe I am that person. I have spent my entire adult life, since the age of 17, as a soldier and student, and I would like to transfer those qualities of soldierly virtues and pursuit of knowledge to service of the residents of IOWA CITY!"

At present, it is hard to know who to support as there seems to be no true "progressive" in the race--though certainly there are some "populists", so I'll update you with my findings. However, this might help. Nancy Quelhorst, President and CEO of the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce wrote "We do not recruit or endorse “chamber” candidates. We do, however, encourage pragmatic individuals with the potential to improve our local business climate (and therefore our community) to run for office. A subcommittee of our Local Government Affairs committee has led this initiative and as a result three local leaders have announced their candidacy to date: Terry Dickens, [District B candidate]Mark McCallum, and Susan Mims."

So it sounds like the primary will be Town vs. Gown. More later.

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