Saturday, October 31

Palin Too Pricey for Iowa Conservatives

An effort to bring Sarah Palin to the Iowa Family Policy Center's banquet next month has left a bad taste in the mouths of many state's conservatives. The group's plan to raise a $100,000 payday to bring Palin to the state has the hair of GOP activists' necks on end at the thought of paying to land a politician's speaking appearance.

The Iowa Family Policy Center's effort would be a departure from its usual practice in the first-in-the-nation state, these Republicans believe, as White House hopefuls have traditionally paid their own way to boost their party and presidential ambitions.

I guess that's just Sarah being all mavaricky and letting the free market do it's thing.

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Shane Vander Hart said...

Just curious if you're going to update with the truth since even Bleeding Heartland admitted the Politico piece is a bunch of bunk?

"So, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin won't headline the Iowa Family Policy Center's fundraiser on November 21, but she will headline an event for the group some other time. Contrary to what you may have read in this shoddy piece by Jonathan Martin, Palin apparently didn't demand her usual speaking fee from the Iowa Family Policy Center and won't charge the group for her future appearance. Consider this another lesson on the need to take Politico reporting with a grain of salt."

Gark said...


In the absence of the truth as you put it, I'll rely on the facts that are out there:

Bleeding Heartland doesn't name a source for their claim, whereas I can find numerous articles with IFPC not denying a fee and the UPI reporting that "The Iowa Family Policy Center refused to confirm whether Palin had asked for payment to speak Nov. 21, Politico reported. A spokesman first said he thought the money the group is trying to raise -- $100,000 -- was for other expenses for the event and then said he did not know."

Then there is the Team Sarah email that has been in circulation which seems to indicate that they are collecting the fee for the former Governor's visit:

Here is a part of the email from Team Sarah:

"> The Iowa Family Policy Action center needs to raise $41,000 in order to have Sarah Palin come to speak on November 21, 2009. They have raised $59,000 already, but they need to know there is enough to coming in to ensure that they can pull this off.
> As you know, we at Team Sarah have supported efforts to raise money for Sarah Palin’s PAC and for the Legal Defense Fund, but this effort will actually help her and her family directly and enable her to have resources she directly controls to take care of all the things she needs to do as she launches her national effort to restore the core values of our Conservative movement."

I grant you it remains unclear who ask for or offered what, but the $100,000 figure is clearly the goal the Team Sarah group intended to raise. If it was a ploy to raise money for the PAC, that is a problem of a different kind.

Coralville Courier said...

You should do a follow-up, Palin wasn't asking to be paid. A group wanting her presence dangled a carrot.

You DO care about the truth right?

Gark said...

1. I didn't say that Palin "asked" to be paid, but apparently the Team Sarah group was "dangling a carrot" as you put it.
2. Palin apparently is coming to promote her book in Iowa in Sioux City on Dec. 6th, but that is separate and away from any appearance she would make for the IFPC.
3. It still doesn't explain why $100,000 was needed by the IFPC to have her at their event. I think the IFPC will have to address that part of the "truth".
4. It doesn't change the fact that some conservatives (including ed Failor) commented that they did not appreciate the cost of having that Palin event regardless of who is paying the bill.